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Jobortunity is a training and professional development institute in Arusha, Tanzania. We train youth in the age of 18-25 years that are motivated to work, into confident professionals with the right attitude and customer service skills that meet employment standards across Tanzania. We also provide organisational support to companies by analysing; advising on a plan for staff and organisational development; give training and coaching and facilitate job matching between employees and employers. Jobortunity uses its own designed Hi5 method, to train and coach people into confident professional with the right attitude. Our main goal is to assist youth to obtain employment and improve their lives and for companies to have trained staff with the right attitude in order to provide the best service.

The Hi5 Approach

Hi5 Training for Youth

Hi5 Training on the Job

Hi5 Job Matching





Jobortunity Training & Professional Development Institute
P.O Box 12000 – Arusha, Tanzania
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